Combination Die System

High quality forging dies require optimal assembly in line with the product’s processing environment. Namely, forging die longevity differs greatly according to choices made regarding the quality of the material used to make the die, the structure of the die, optimal pre-compression and surface treatments. Seldie™ enables you to assemble forging dies by freely selecting conditions as required, which greatly contributes to increasing value.

In addition, combination components in the Seldie™ are reusable as they are manufactured with replacement in mind. Thus, you can expect a reduction in die-related running costs


You can expect a reduction in running costs as it is possible to exchange or replace only the broken parts.
Standardization of combination components leads to cost reductions and shortened lead times.
Splitting components enables internal stress dispersion.
It is possible to set optimal pre-compression levels for each part individually.
It is possible to select optimal materials for each part individually.
It is possible to perform an optimal surface treatment for each part individually.
It is possible to easily establish structures for air escape, oil draining, etc.
It is possible to conduct axial pre-compression (N-type).
Environmental Properties:
High recyclability due to easy disassembly
Increased longevity results in reduced energy costs