General Dies

World-Class Tooling For Header or Former Machines

Our mission is to provide customers with long-lasting, high-added-value forging dies. We continue to manufacture products in line with customer demands using our diverse know-how in processing technologies and extending the longevity forging dies that we have accumulated over long years. In recent years, amidst a trend toward higher quality and lower costs, customers require forging dies to be of even higher quality. In response, we at JHW strive to further improve forging die longevity through in-house research and development as well as by boldly incorporating state-of-the-art technologies.

Punches and Dies
Capabilities Nearly any size of forging die is available from small to large, whether it may have a round shape or an irregular shape. We handle a wide range of metals, such as high‐speed steel, cemented carbide and speciall alloy.
Product Management We purchase materials with guaranteed quality from domestic steel manufacturers. We also provide traceability regarding quality for each type of material.
Heat Treating / Coating PVD, CVD Nitriding Shot Peening Vaccum Heat Treating


Punche and Knock-​out Pins
Materials Tool Steel, High-Speed Steel, Cemented Carbide
Surface Treatment PVD, CVD Nitriding Shot Peening Spray Polishing