JHW aims to create environment-friendly products through acquiring ISO certification. 




Principles Regarding Environment

Artificial factors from human economic activity have made global environmental problems such as global warming, destruction of the ozone layer, air pollution, and marine pollution more serious. To prevent a global environment from being damaged, we are making efforts to conserve environment including effective utilization of resources and enegy.

Environmental Policy
  1. We observe laws, regulations, and agreements regarding the environment.
  2. In our business activities, we make efforts to prevent environmental pollutions as follows to contribute to society.
    • Promote the saving of energy and resources
    • Endeavor to use environment-friendly products
    • Endeavor to protect the environment through the contribution to the local communities
  3. We keep improving Environmental Management System by an internal audit of management.
  4. We endeavour to educate our employees to cultivate their understanding.
  5. To prepare for emergencies, we execute education and training.

Hidetoshi Takada
Manager of Kagoshima Plant
Japan Hardware Co., Ltd.