Material for Forming Simulation Patent No.5181120

This is a brand new material for conducting deformation experiment simulations that was developed at the Kagoshima Prefectural Institute of Industrial Technology based on university-developed plasticity processing materials and by incorporating our unique know-how. It enables visual identification of the way metal moves as it deforms and the way internal defects form. JHW has a license to make and sell it, and our integrated production system leads to the enhancement of quality.


  • For use in simulations of cold, warm and hot forged products
  • For plasticine replacement parts
  • For verification comparisons with CAE
  • For use in simulations using materials with plastic properties other than metal
  • For educational materials


  • This is applicable to a variety of materials as it possible to change the strain hardening coefficient (n-value) (Type W only).
  • Experimentation is easy to perform because, due to being manufactured from a wax-based material, it deforms under one one-thousandth of the force necessary for actual metal.
  • It is easily formable into any desired shape.
  • You can select from a broad range of standard products in accordance with the application.
  • As it is manufactured using all natural materials and contains no artificial chemicals, it is gentle on your health and produces no environmental burden.
  • It is easily usable by anyone as it requires no special technologies or knowledge.
  • It is harmless to the environment and human health as it is manufactured from wax and clay.

Usage Examples

  • Layout verifications for forged products
  • Verifications for development of new products
  • Material fluidity verifications for rolled products
  • Verifications of internal defects for metal products
  • Verifications for sheet-forged products
  • Educational materials for use in schools

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Product Line-Up

  • Created by mixing additives into wax.
  • Possesses strain hardening characteristics.
  • Hardening characteristics change according to mixture.
  • Possesses elasticity and springs back after processing.
  • Hardness and malleability change according to water content.
  • N-value may not be adjusted.

FORTEX VS-1 Experimentation Device for Plastic Working Simulation

This enables visual observation of plastic flow by replacing metal with a model material.


Dimensions L 450mm x W 500mm x H 1730mm
Weight 120kg
Power Supply 100V, single phase AC
Touch Panel Press Speed and Position, Drive Timing Control, Displaying Machining Load
Maximum Machining Load 2000N
Maximum Stroke 100mm
Other Devices Servo Motor with Torque Limiting Mechanism, Opening/Closing Detection Sensor, Micromotion Controller

Please select based on intended purpose.
Available for rental.